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CHC's Happy Hive

We’ve been observing bee activity coming and going from our new hive over the last couple of weeks and noticed lots of bees with full pollen baskets entering the hive. As they were looking happy and settled we decided it was time to carry out our first inspection this bank holiday weekend.

7th May 2018

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A new Queen at the CHC Apiary

Over the last two weeks we’ve been monitoring ‘hive 1’ to establish if our small honey bee colony had a viable queen. We did a second hive inspection and after much searching through the colony we still couldn’t find her. We found no capped brood (useful female cells), only drone (useless male cells) which indicates the lack of a queen, as a worker bee has started laying male bees. So we concluded we did need a new queen.

26th Apr 2018

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April at the CHC Apiary

​Here at the CHC apiary we’ve been monitoring the hive over the winter and witnessing the occasional flying bee, and checking they had enough food stores. Now with the temperature in our sunny garden spot approaching 14 degrees centigrade we opened up the bee hive for the first time to have a look at how our small colony of honey bees had coped with the harsh winter months.

8th Apr 2018

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