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First hive inspection of 2019

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Posted 4th Mar

We were a bit worried about the unseasonably warm February weather and the effect it was having on our bee colony. We’d observed the hive and could see the bees were flying in the warm sunshine and bringing in pollen from somewhere! We decided that while the temperature was above 14c degrees we’d do a quick check of the hive.

We took the roof off and saw that they had taken half of the food down that they’d been given earlier in the winter. When we took out a few frames we saw they also had plenty of honey stores left. The other important thing we saw was at least one frame of nicely patterned ‘brood’ cells, which is evidence that the Queen is alive and laying eggs.

Although they are a small, calm winter colony, the sight of brood cells suggest they will grow rapidly in numbers over the next few weeks - just as they should be doing at this time of year. The colony showed no signs that would lead us to worry about them swarming for a good few weeks - and we’ll be ready with the second hive when they do.

As the weather is set to get cold again and more colonies starve in March than any other time of the year, we replaced the roof insulation, and added extra food just in case they need it.

We’ll bring you another update in the next few weeks when our colony gets into full swing.

The CHC Apiary Team

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