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CHC's Happy Hive

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Posted 7th May

We’ve been observing bee activity coming and going from our new hive over the last couple of weeks and noticed lots of bees with full pollen baskets entering the hive. As they were looking happy and settled we decided it was time to carry out our first inspection this bank holiday weekend.

We found lots of capped brood cells and plenty of grubs, all signs that the Queen is strong and the colony is thriving and healthy. The bees were good natured and hardly seemed to notice our presence. We spotted our queen and then gently put them all away safely so they could carry on their business.

We checked the super (where they store the honey) and although there is no honey yet, there were quite a few bees up there checking out the space. It’s all looking good for the Summer!

Don’t forget we’re celebrating World Bee Day on May 20th at the heritage centre with an education stand, information on ‘bees abroad’ charity and honey themed products in our tearoom and shop.

Bye for now,

The CHC Apiary Team

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