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CHC Bee update

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Posted 20th Jun

Finally, we have some better weather and the bees are out again gathering pollen. There’s an issue called the “June gap” where pollen can become difficult for bees to find due to the natural gap between spring and summer flowers. Fortunately, our bees don’t have this problem due to the beautiful flowers in the Heritage Centre garden and all the wonderful plants found by the river.

We did our weekly examination early in the day on Monday 17th June. We took the roof and the two ‘supers’ off and saw the bees busily going about their business. The hive was bursting with busy bees, and all stages of new bees developing healthily. There were no signs of queen cells, so no indication they are going to swarm in the next week.

One of the two supers is loaded with capped honey, and the second one is just starting to be worked on by the bees. We hope to have honey for sale very soon. Watch this space!

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