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A Wonderful World Bee Day

World Bee Day 2018L

Posted 27th May

It was a lovely day of sunshine, bee and honey conversations, and fun.

The local bee keepers were out in force explaining how bee keeping works, and how to encourage the bee population. We had a demonstrator hive and lots of fun activities for families.

We also raised lots of money for the worth while Bees Abroad charity, a charity that works with overseas partners to equip low-income communities with beekeeping skills to generate income, improve their environment and crops through pollination, and learn the necessary business skills to make their enterprises sustainable and profitable.

Meanwhile our own bees in the CHC Apiary were very active bringing in lots of precious local pollen.

We carried out our weekly hive examination and found frames of plentiful honey stores, grubs and capped brood, and lots of healthy bees. The colony is growing well and they are starting to enter the honey supers (the top wooden boxes where they store their excess stores) and make honey.

This is all very exciting, and we hope the weather will continue to be kind and we’ll be able to bring you CHC honey very soon - fingers crossed.

Bye for now,

The CHC Apiary Team

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