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A new Queen at the CHC Apiary

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Posted 26th Apr

Over the last two weeks we’ve been monitoring ‘hive 1’ to establish if our small honey bee colony had a viable queen. We did a second hive inspection and after much searching through the colony we still couldn’t find her. We found no capped brood (useful female cells), only drone (useless male cells) which indicates the lack of a queen, as a worker bee has started laying male bees.

So we concluded we did need a new queen.

This week fellow beekeeper Tim kindly delivered his small nuc (the name for a small colony complete with Queen) and Tim, John and myself got our protective kit on to enter the apiary and re-home this nuc and its queen into our second hive ‘hive 2’.

All went as planned and the new bees seemed pleased to be out of there small nuc box and into our spacious hive. We even put a ‘super’ on which is the box where they go to make honey once they are established and ready.

They’ll now settle in for a few days, enjoy the fine weather and find their local sources of pollen and water.

They’ll be more updates soon.

The CHC Apiary Team

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