canalside heritage centre


Project proposals

The proposal is for the cottages to the rear of the lock keeper’s cottage, to be split into four units. This will include a museum/educational resource and learning centre on the first floor, the latter equipped for use by schools and community groups.

Downstairs will be divided into three areas, incorporating a community cafe and arts & craft foyer. The community cafe will occupy half of the ground floor and will include seating in the rear garden area, providing excellent views of the River Trent for patrons. The community cafe will attract many patrons to the centre and the revenue will help to pay for the upkeep of the building.

The arts & craft foyer will occupy the centre area of the ground floor, which will also act as the entrance to the heritage museum, located on the first floor. The foyer will reflect the appearance of one of the original cottage rooms and will incorporate local art and craftwork, for sale. This area will be run by the charity.

Adjacent to the end of the cottages, there is a large allotment space which will be used as a kitchen garden area for local schools to grow their own produce.

There is also scope in the future for the old lock in front of the cottages to be used to moor a trip boat. This excursion boat would provide single or return passenger trips into Nottingham, again providing revenue for the upkeep of the heritage centre.